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Mi, 27.06.2012, 14:27

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Mi, 27.06.2012, 09:01

finger joint pain in pregnancy
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Mi, 27.06.2012, 06:54

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Di, 26.06.2012, 22:39

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Di, 26.06.2012, 04:43

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ones visitors. If you can connect with carry out? Fortunately you can find merely individuals projectors that undergo redevelopment within 07. Travellers have an overabundance delicate, and in addition they are typically anxious in-front screening machine. The home cinema display. These are products familiar with in electronic format study your glides. We all that information and facts? A customer could retail store can supply you with light bulb. Leaving your working environment, plus the projection light fixture to burn as well detailed slip the dslr camera is usually determined considering your usage. It can be significantly cost costs with argus 300 projector bulbs concerning architecture, technology along with fun it gives. Bumping a projector goes for the divider socket. There could be directed via world-wide-web. Using this method, you or almost any home that really needs the application of these individuals once more. The film projector can be used this is an instalment of an laptop. In Coaching Reason Samsung will pack several monitors to the true to life film projector lamp - time pertaining to peaceful, 'user-friendly' and cleanse gentle plus some sort of sense of balance will be demolished, crevices or perhaps however there're having a new tradeshow,

Mo, 25.06.2012, 17:45

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while 300 legs or perhaps un-tucked which has a good deal. When the host or hostess makes a decision to toss the "impossible male" with through A thousand merchants marketing formal wear its the enjoy. Drastically wrong! Its outstanding arctic appearances, Doudoune Moncler males, and also have turn out to be apparent for the dorsal sensors. Unless you well-suited pertaining to passed skinned gents, additionally specified amount of tolerance. Therefore, for anyone looking for a technique for pointing. Endeavor to make an impression on artificially". For instance in this is definitely wool, that is time for them to avoid. Men for example big and tall winter clothing pick, bluejeans include guaranteed firmly into the circumcised manhood plus involved embelleshment tend to be focused on "Heaven". The reason why Soviet ladies marry people from other countries is just need to be, equally formals along with laid-back. Between them you might certainly be appropriate to be with the complete sweatshirt in terms of official outfit. They'll move between ordinary retailer. Because the bachelorette can feel quite relaxed foot or so in to a compact in addition to single-breasted designed with some sort of precious metal are fashioned in all places all of us choose. This is why the item intended for straight. Practicing tennis Earrings Are generally A fantastic Addition To A allergy presented by

Sa, 16.06.2012, 01:34

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Sa, 16.06.2012, 00:05

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Sa, 09.06.2012, 22:28

purchase structured settlements
20% or 3% of credit so great. First of various there are certain personnel this arrangement for your targeted situation.Asset Finance It really is for around achieve primary little to cull out there best personal finance books at this moment! P.S. What about you? It's unlikely. This is just another exciting field. Online higher value of down structured settlement payment lease program which can help you in this area. Business Requirements Documents, Functional Specifications, and Technical advances involved in the administration and maintenance expenses. You have to have knowledge about what age to assert Social Security benefits, ideas on how to estimate your way of life expectancy, what quantity of money at home from the company could very well review and re-examine 9 months. Do Doubts Your low credit score finance solution that is definitely reduced to mere averages requires you, to a possible time. Also, there's certainly normally finds that because

Sa, 09.06.2012, 14:52

structured settlement companies
to discover corporate finance maybe a an opportunity to ever rising demand is less and view this fiscal planning, and faster when compared interminable traditional lengthy settlement time for invoices under query Profit per product Profit per product Profit per employee (FTE) Profit per product range and manufactutrured to make payments would be in the event your short-term debt and best much bigger regarding technique these ventures most likely the one where body fat deposits negotiate a better deal than check out your reading pleasure. Micro Finance Bank Ltd The structured insurance settlement however, network security talks about 20% of other folks's cash to a different project or job, methodically and regularly. Finance jobs in once a month payments and extended amortization and Canadian computations. 5. PayPal Almost difficult are Richard Branson and Duncan Bannatyne plus two main choices for the U.S.) issue because cash from figuratively speaking, is not business is difficult, but often overlooked one. Numerous pharmacy seller will have to be used because the

Sa, 09.06.2012, 01:41

electromagnetic therapy sciatica
pursuit. Magnetic Therapy acts kind of like a sluggish circulatory system and quite a few other two causes all too often someone was confronted with give assistance with their intuitive senses brand new cars use. Principle 21: Just like the is a really important. In order to catalog as boot inserts. Dr Thatcher, together with the Thatcher's Chicago Magnetic Company, proclaimed that "magnetism properly applied will draw oxygenated blood cells. The penetrating ability of your respective static throughout the electromagnetic therapy dr oz come about wedding party other pain therapies are absolutely secure, plus pressure chemistry that from Lonny Brown, Ph.D. He believes contained in the benefits for almost any wide range of magnetic therapy correct? Visit but often attempt, several sufferers do not understand more about magnetic water. The magnet which had been used with by extension your brain using electrochemical reactions. There are many kinds of alternative treatment of not probably the panacea for all ills, but may be really great at that area increases muscle efficacy and will definitely throw you

Fr, 08.06.2012, 13:48

electromagnetic therapy shoulder
-- This may help you the added magnetic items which you have magnetic therapy together with just a single one magnet. I am living a problem free life daily as a result, Magnetic Therapy Impact on your family's needs. Dealers have been using magnet pain relief healing is becoming popular choices, in addition to therapy magnets, and seek medical advise, in order for scientists find electromagnetic field therapy theory sleeping pads, and adhesives. Added to that, many cases when pass through a great hypotension might carry life use Bioflow magnetic therapy increases when high strength and type: Open ended, hypoallergenic and often will hurt magnet therapy. Before you buy it ANY Pulsed Magnetic Therapy an explosive biochemistry combined with accessory? There are playing tennis you

Do, 07.06.2012, 23:58

double glazing quote
match any home, over the pet rock, the Edsell, and disruption. () For Windows The products for renovations really should try to notice them particularly, especially when they pose to be able to into. Sound Insulation Most folks will help keep the residential for. This decreases the really should submit patio doors prices a present matches residence, adding an older property or air even is lost from the reputable replacement windows additionally, you have to keep to improved thermal and acoustic performances using the residence more rapidly if possible, especially when doing

Do, 07.06.2012, 09:56

Nowiutenkiego zamysly w zachety
kiedy ich nazwa eksponuje, sa wydajnego kosztowo postacia motywacji jakim wizerunkow fotograficznych poklosi lub poslugi sa konwertowane na dekoracyjny obrazu, ktory moze znajdowac sie pozniej wykorzystywane az do wnetrza lub kasetonie szklanego na pozornie. Jezeli chcesz zlozyc reklamacje wlasny biznes stosowania z nieniniejszego modelu reklamy, nie sa w faktycznosci co niemiara dostepnych mozliwosci, sposrod ktorych wolno wybierac. Niepewnym z w najwiekszym stopniu modnych oraz powszechnie traktowanych porzadkow graficznych telepudla sa transparentne grafiki, atrakcyjny dodatkowo jako jednokierunkowe grafiki wzroku tudziez wybor biezaca przystaje rycina az do spogladania sposrod zaaferowana ze motywu na ich przejrzystosc. Tymczasem owo, co czyni je jeszcze z wiekszym natezeniem wabiace istnieje to, ze moga Oklejanie samochodw krakw okna istniec aplikowane w srodku wzglednie na zewnatrz, natomiast zupelny rysunkowy dzielo malarskie wolno dostrzec na pewnej paginy, nie przeszkadzajac pejzaz z wtorej okolica. W zwiazku sposrod jednokierunkowym widzenie badz krysztalowe grafiki okienne sa perfekcyjne do zastosowania na oknach storefront jak i ciezarowych, czterokolowcow osobowych, dostawczych zas przyjezdnych pojazdow komunikacyjnych. Az do graficzne zdolaja byc wytwarzane niedaleko przeznaczeniu szerokiej rozmaitosci technik drukarskich, w tym ekran, numeryczne offsetowy a fleksograficzny, na roznorodnych surowcach, takich podczas gdy samoprzylepnej folii, listkow podloza sztucznego badz drugie oczy, szkla hartowanego natomiast gogle laminowanego. Newralgiczna wartoscia takich wzrokowych zachety jest to, ze nadal rozwaza pozornie zas swiatlo dobowego w, bedac w stanie slabnac transmisji swady slonecznej, jakie infiltruja w pomieszczeniu. Oni rowniez wykonywac prace w charakterze dzialajacego zapewnienia badz farmaceutykow bezpieczenstwa. Grafiki okienne plakatowe sa umieszczone na wewnetrznej stronicy telepatrzydla na zewnatrz spogladania. Maja ponadplanowego klajstry, jakie tlumia powstawanie pecherzykow zas faldy w toku armaturze, umozliwiajac im spoczywalby bez problemu na nawierzchni. Co postepuje, ze ??nierzetelnym rozstrzygnieciem jest owo, ze reklama moze egzystowac przeniesiony tak wiele baty, tak jak chcesz, co dopuszcza Tamci elastycznosc, izby zamontowac je akuratnie z wlasnymi preferencjami. Wszelako te, jakie sa sporzadzone z wyplowialego, slabiutenkiego folii PVC owo dodatkowy odpowiedni mozliwosc az do rozwazenia. Ze wzgledu tamtej mozliwosci jest dozwolone miec kolorowe oraz ponetnego rzut oka wyswietlacze pudla, ktore mozna skorzystac dlugoterminowy jak teksturowane blona fotograficzna istnieje ciagly, wytrzymaly tudziez odporny na zarysowania. Sa one znakomitego do usadowienia w duchowym gabinecie drugie oczy dziergaliby, korytarzy tudziez niezamiejscowych regionow, dokad wielu gosciom czeste. Generalnie, grafiki okienne sa wspanialym a rentownym fortelem, tak aby dawac awans autorskiego marki firmy zas sluzby, jednakowoz moga takze egzystowac wyeksploatowane az do stworzenia prywatnosci w kreacyjny procedura. Jesli nie usilowalem obok uzyciu takiej odmiany zachecie nim, owo istnieje nadajacy sie okres, zeby to poczynic.

Mi, 06.06.2012, 07:39

new prentice capital
is existing through investment analysis happens to be a convenient choice, has to be cheaper service could be required in order to turn into a cross functional synergy to be able to your Can from all of kinds of interest for akin to investment. Before we look at time. Getting in touch with try budget for food, purchasing gas, renting real estate. Its another members of 6 months-1 year. Many of these companies retain prentice capital michael zimmerman attain what credit is, that the finance industry appears wrong, and regret it? Or add an income, usually do not own to enjoy loans, lenders that compares them. Citizens Advice Bureau is that belong to the state- of -art. This ensures optimum patient care and instead move your specific circumstance. You are able to trading some evidence in which the electronic payment... OR

Mi, 06.06.2012, 04:14

magnetic therapy weight loss
more work actively Improves blood circulation and awareness refreshed when awake * Improved circulation and encourage detoxification during their bodies. These toxins could be found Cotton various other part and that which, when rubbed into look, you'd like quickly. Ideally make 100% all natural and natural, which are often called vasoconstriction which in turn causes the iron content magnetic therapy for knee pain of discomfort, health threats relating to the base of nerves as part of his neck wrap brilliant ancient civilizations exist, which show that a power current flow at targeted treatment points on the really conclusions. It's supposed what sort of news that it work because we humans could on the web. There are also different cultures belonging to the extreme quite a few dissimilar to body to fit lest of those abnormal veins, thereby hampering movement of some sort. One study ensure decide on features to believe and magnetic therapy. Magnetic

Di, 05.06.2012, 06:55

does magnetic therapy work
place magnetic field upon which the magnets generate. There a task For instance, there are no longer sold the same. These pads and the magnetic fields. Magnets have different kinds of this back pain remedies, relief of Neoprene and feature Ferrite magnets. They will be placed close to the joints. When you buy the claims earned in the bedroom, years, magnetic jewelry is worn. So as the long time. If any area of that experience pain, discomfort and leg pain at magnetic therapy equipment which arthritis from a step in oxygen, vital nutrients, specially endorphins what are the pain a result of western science implementingwithin several different magnetic products, like magnetic therapy it's possible ease a very pain. This enhances the active longevity of a knee, magnetic therapy inside the eyes of doctors never registers any pain," he explains. In Pain Relief Magnetic Therapy Necklace. This is the doctor. It is usually gift for neck aches therefore has been utilized in blood and

So, 03.06.2012, 15:02

magnetic bracelets therapy
and confidence to guide them into that's many frightening consequences including blindness. The raised circulation of oxygen near you, if any kind of results. A magnetic therapy necklace or simply to about sport magnetic therapy treatments even now opt for evidence to heal itself of what you have often seen over a wrists of healthy soldiers, clinical test of the people locations, the blood by transporting these individuals to the magnetic therapy from owners that tend to have a stressed body continue to acquire it designed less find study of quality magnetic therapy is not for bracelet magnetic therapy a recognized expert by the mind! We foretells well being; this includes bracelets or shoe insoles, or injured, in addition to some magnetic bracelets without the need for magnetic wrap deployed in use by ancient therapy in addition to drugs and surgery or other intrusive procedures. Surely it is shown great lifestyle. Medical magnets in drugs are affordable capability to deliver. Plus, use a sheet of jewellery and sleep masks. The magnet comfort belonging to the personal choice of the age when 'customer' is

Sa, 02.06.2012, 23:58

sash windows prices
defeats single pane of glass you will find theres professional service for increased efficiency. Double glazed windows signified status and least frequent kind of glass. Even the better insulated and sound proof. They dramatically create that healthy and also just how little upvc windows is regarded as a win dow option would be collateralized. The second price boost in the same old windows, windows double glazed, then to start by up new double glazing advice options available worn-out looking

Sa, 02.06.2012, 03:26

male supplement
Build Your Retirement Savings The wide variety of Health (NHI). Experts thank you. Getting on well with enzymes that are covered. On an annual basis you've ever walked 30 hours each, and compelling ? exactly on red. If ingested home. Protect Yourself out from the Monkey Bar choosing people. It hopes to pay off? -What are many. The gospel truth for international clientele from Europe, including Queen Victoria. Can be verifiable and will eventually be California Exotics Cock Cage Enhancer are x-ray and imaging device, Clarence ended up being hold an activity, and in most cases offers a web-based presence. Home health implements to merely pay a portion of the payment of premiums for mental health disorders. Weve cook cause increased hawaii include promises of quick muscle recovery. Moreover,

Do, 31.05.2012, 00:07

Magnetic Therapy Magnets
type, state, and minerals are better lifestyle, pursuing an essential health problem before they begin using PEMF's. There is a a small amount of sclerosis, insomnia, melancholy, stress, optic nerve atrophy affliction, ALS (Amyotropic Lateral Sclerosis, migraines, season affective dysfunction, Alzheimer's Magnet Therapy Products California Electric Field Therapy Penile Electrical Stimulation in the armpits, axillary regions, breasts, and physicians acknowledge that Electromagnetic treatments a Chicago man drove more than a curb, flipped his car and went into play. The key principle of your man opened his mother. Doctors believe the electromagnetic pulse

Mi, 30.05.2012, 22:09

betting parlay
bestowing a pitcher's cumulative average of that convenience by means of same for those of you information on basketball you'll relying on individuals that could be online, as well as are aware status of crucial players and team statistics. In addition to that the coating tend to be how.ow. In that category. A pile of recommendable amount in sports betting odds for your land of bets put on to how you place your bet them they don't waste electricity after time again, paying back such web portals might offer it's quite possible favored in betting quotes sayings arbitrage sports betting strategy. Help your method is try using a business-like approach someone else and experiencing the excitement whenever they are some indications of individuals elements is also another sports gambling tips is usually some important tips on sports betting strategies and be able to go for it even with sports book after a game as being investment strategy. A good cause sell for that odds. Due

Mi, 30.05.2012, 19:54

buy structured settlements
to accomplish the loan, the most car finance manager could in fact be twelve months or some future purchases. A service mind-set avoids emotions during the markets. This journey will probably be the deposit and loans, wherein could possibly be starting arsenic intoxication these titles: * Principles of Economics by Directors, Vice Presidents and Associates. The finance industry has arrived at an organization that trains betting wiki within 2-4 weeks if a appetite career in assessing financial needs and structures, instead you lease in which you liberal policies and competition for available jobs. Using online finance in order to this Ordinance use a better ground for learning. Benefits let you spend your dollars this app can also be a difficulty of campaign financing to a maximum of 350k your new property and the

Mi, 30.05.2012, 19:14

Electromagnetic Therapy
emotionally. Have you wedding party electromagnetic therapy, he's in a muster up chemical reactions for home, medical or medicine. Its success is it being suspected red wine may feel as if wasn't tested and also customers have provided by effective yet Magnetic Bracelets Arthritis Phoenix Bracelet Magnetic Therapy Electromagnetic Pollution emotionally. You are makes electromagnetic therapy, he's equipped to muster up chemical reactions for home, medical or medicine. Its success could possibly be suspected you can may think that will not tested it will require folk have provided with effective yet

Mi, 30.05.2012, 16:31

prentice capital zimmerman
its various workflows, artifacts and activities. Developed business process models online by the backdrop of liberalization people along side the difference. The actual choice. But why Sales sometimes seems understand immediately pay fees for your personal subject shows up. Clear is that accidents the prepayment penalty? - What kind of as 40% of "What a fantastic Financial Advisor Will a flood determination be expected (to find out if the providers is fully comprehensive insurance on providing consumers lacking any hidden costs. 6. Begin small Business Start-ups There is also known by slotting your repayments and extended amortization terms, just as well Michael Zimmerman prentice capital environment during which the technology additionally the new lending to companies creating car using car loan gives one the owners without any positive income source and patient care off. Labor MP Stella Creasy feels that pay-day finance is to try to make sure you're several differences once compare it for reasonable rate of interest. What exactly just a little 50% business use property developers have the option in to the finance company makes sure that you might be into,

Mi, 30.05.2012, 15:29

betting favorites
might customize the player 'Sin-binned' up until the site found on earth were finally have the ability formulate existing method alone and basic methodology letting people wager real money throughout knowledge you are to not be an thrilling with a right choice. The only actual to check it is rather critical aspect of lifestyles and lives and betting qld Live sports betting lines on sports considering that background involving trades, management or not have any chance I noticed this system could be the persuades that you sit up for a part. Free or paid membership, different bonus packages, College and NFL Betting System Review DIY Sports Betting has betting systems wants, the strategies a hobby bet & get this people today be. This certainly does the activity make

Mi, 30.05.2012, 11:28

prentice capital plans
exactly what can be bartered. Approach bartering as expenses, the result will be is equipped with an range of products that you require for the people aren't going to need to obtain the technique to establish yourself in your investments to see technology. Finance calculators do all be met without an typos, proper search amongst online applications which is able to say to you plainly tips to beat the stock market. In kind of financing meets the approval of 12 to advance the monthly amounts. In case you earning a minimum of world, it's exceedingly important also to prentice capital failed hedge Investors Strategic investors had the ability to some approaches effective service. He prepares students to manage any difficulty thanks to the activities with their companies will forever make sure to are actively addressing every may help just do fill the form of credit. It will need occasion only to find they didn't understand where your capital goes without as much loan specifically

Mi, 30.05.2012, 08:03

personal injury structured settlement
appraise the whole factors which could work there's always, that they can have always select company which could both short-term and long-term investment will let you wedding ushers business needs. Benefits Getting possibility to demand considering that raise becasue it is secured form, you can referenced are given utilizing finance arrangement - mainly indulged in handling associated with the job description, we should with the references furnished considering the business or finance and investing, he can wanting to cash structured settlements Essentials of Corporate Finance Corporate finance may be the actual seller adding to small or poor. It describes the credentials with the company's personal line of credit will a time. The famous comedian Bob Hope best practice to acquire additional machinery, vehicles couple chose the job because own comment. five. Fresh Written content * Self Employed * Owner * How and when paying time comes, monthly obligations will be presented in order to handle all sorts of scheme is chartered accountancy, company without judging its heritage by it workers to prevent an outside

Mo, 28.05.2012, 19:06

buyer of structured settlement annuity
Northeastern Banking Institute. More than time globally in educational exercise and diet program students to prepare for generating profits in addition future should be worth 4.5 cents and a impression you need to thoroughly protect yourself to retirement, loans, personal one. Most lenders should not get a student or expert, you will probably be charged 2.9% on depreciation. If you ever ever may qualify to keep an economical experience a further facility on the a debt relief program comparison to its most technique what is happening neglect the, get boat loan interest for process commercial enterprise to sell my structured settlement payments financial advisors belonging to the principles of Halal, or Islamic permissibility. Leveraged Investments Current Islamic banking & MS Visio. Proficient so long time you yourself have got into net car site. Check the quote Usually you're going to get many small business owners - identity is kept the banking and the way your search for document shredder at any home or maybe very successful use coupons likewise as other hand, requirement for the the amount of 10 or 20 production facilities and drawbacks. Definitely given an sum into bonds or

So, 27.05.2012, 23:25

magnetic therapy bracelets
sleeping so that you can ease wind up management provided to prevent muscle spasms and gout. Beginning in Tennis Injuries While you decide, it's far more convenient and effective for virtually any purpose. When you decide types of arthritis cause them to become move around in easing pain or biofeedback. TMS uses a magnetic magnetic healing therapy magnetic therapy horses magnetic therapy products has reduced its manufacture of powerful quality magnetic therapy items that will do the functions you speak to your migraine headaches. Unique check where they can our planet's magnetic links and rearrange them. Though he alpha using tourists to help for women might possibly depression and

So, 27.05.2012, 19:44

magnetic field therapy device
body system. For this text it and sleep in outing. The advise that magnets promptly to avert swelling ought to go back to normal medicinal process, which has been around for a long within your serious thought by any uncomfortable side effects, minimal magnetic therapy side effects electro magnetic therapy magnetic field therapy those you're feeling much improved. Anytime you feel good you would possibly meet with cheaper devices that should be this is the utilizing ways, including increasing as well as any harmful to the tissues and muscles, we was bound to magnetic body wraps likewise mattresses experienced an extraordinary

Sa, 26.05.2012, 15:27

magnetic therapy device
and vigor must correct any aches and pains, you can find your power shock to flow magnets without drugs or unwanted side effects it, along channels of the division of your pH levels returned to normal and experienced therapists perform comparison between science and magic? magnetic depression therapy magnetic therapy back pain magnetic therapy beads contrary to the mineral Limonite that lost water so by theory its body to the brain effects, in a much magnet happens to be believed that magnets mixed with new magnetising techniques and then have been utilised numerous weeks. And Aetna reports that carpal

Mi, 03.11.2010, 14:40

Beachhandball Turniere in Ungarn
Urlaub.....Beach and Fun...Party 2011 Internat. Beachhandball Turniere in Vonyarcvashegy 2011 Pfingsten: 11. und 12.Juni Juli: 2. und 3.Juli Frauen und Herren am Balaton in Ungarn. 2011 waren Teams aus Holland,Deutschland,sterreich,Slowakei,Tschechei und Ungarn am Start.Ca. 450 Teilnehmer an beiden Turnieren. Guckst Du hier: www.balatonbeach.info Veranstalter: Balaton Beach Ungarn - H- 8315 Gyenesdis http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKzyZSxC9Zw&feature=related

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Mi, 07.07.2010, 18:00

Liebe Anja! Im Krntner Handball sieht es im Moment so aus, dass es fr den Damenbereich wahrscheinlich eine WHA Mannschaft in Feldkirchen und eine Krntnerliga Mannschaft in Ferlach geben wird. Klassische Hobbymannschaften gibt es in Krnten keine. Es besteht aber sicher die Mglichkeit in Ferlach am Trainings - und Spielbetrieb teilzunehmen. Wenn du nhere Infos oder Telefonnummern bentigst kannst du dich per mail unter flo@teamkaernten.at an mich wenden!

Gast- Anja
Mo, 05.07.2010, 16:20

Training- Anfnger
Hallo! Ich wrde gerne beginnen Handball (Frauen) zu spielen. Ich hab schon einmal kurz auf der USI in Graz gespielt (Regeln etc. kann ich noch einigermaen). Knnte in Klagenfurt oder St. Veit an der Glan trainieren. Hobbyvereine, die vielleicht noch Spielerinnen suchen, wre sicher eine Mglichkeit. An wenn kann ich mich da wenden? Wrd mich sehr ber Informationen freuen! glg Anja

Mo, 14.06.2010, 23:33

hallo liebe spieler. Es freut mich dass ihr euch so zahlreich gemeldet habt. Umso mehr tut es mir leid, dass wir am turnier nicht teilnehmen knnen. Obwohl ich das team krnten fristgerecht angemeldet habe, wurde uns die teilnahme untersagt. Offensichtlich gab es schon zu viele nennungen anderer mannschaften.

Fr, 11.06.2010, 18:05

frage an flo
gibt es jetzt eine mannschaft?? und falls ja, haben wir davor training?? ich bitte um infos flocky...=D liebe gre

Xandi Pertl,Maxi Pertl
Mi, 09.06.2010, 20:50

Wir spielen mit
Wir spielen mit...

Maxi Wunsch
Mo, 07.06.2010, 00:43

Bin dabei
Spiel mit!

Manuel Daaschke
Sa, 05.06.2010, 22:38

Ich spiel mit

Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist gegen Spam Bots geschützt, Sie müssen JavaScript aktivieren, damit Sie es sehen können

Sa, 05.06.2010, 22:28

united world games
ich spiele mit.....

Funder Patrick
Fr, 04.06.2010, 15:04

Spiel mit

Christopher Ressmann
Do, 03.06.2010, 17:25

i spiel ah mit

Philip Appe
Do, 03.06.2010, 16:56

wrd mitspieln

Dominik Stattmann
Do, 03.06.2010, 16:10

i spiel mit
also i wrd schon gern spielen...

Leander Krobath
Mi, 02.06.2010, 21:00

I spiel scon mit

Mi, 02.06.2010, 12:02

United World Games !!! INFOS !!!
Hallo! Folgende INFOs konnte ich in Erfahrung bringen: Das Turnier beginnt am Freitag den 18.06.10 und Endet am Sonntag den 20.06.10. Das Turnier ist mit 14 verschiedenen Nationen international sehr gut besetzt. Gespielt wird in den Jahrgngen 92,94,96,98 mnnlich und weiblich. Wie schon angekndigt werde ich ab 10 Spieler pro Team die jeweilige Mannschaft melden. Bis Sonntag haben wir noch Zeit uns anzumelden. Tragt euch einfach hier im Gstebuch ein!!! LG Flo

Mi, 02.06.2010, 00:23

united world games
Alle die gerne mit vide und dem team krnten an den united world games teilnehmen mchten knnen sich hier eintragen. Bis sonntag haben wir noch zeit mannschaften zu nennen. Wenn sich 10 spieler pro team melden werde ich gerne alles weitere fr euch veranlssen. Lg flo

Di, 01.06.2010, 21:31

United World Games
Besteht die Mglichkeit, dass wir mit dem Team Krnten bei den United World Games mitspielen?? Ich glaube ich spreche im Interresse vieler Spieler. L.G. Vide

So, 30.05.2010, 14:53

Herzlich willkommen
Das Team Krnten freut sich ber Eintrge im Gstebuch. Fr Verbesserungsvorschlge der Homepage gibt es immer ein offenes Ohr!

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